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state-of-the-art teaching equipment. However, many of the▓ students who survived the quake are still struggling with p▓ost-traumatic stress, and it may take decades for them to recover fully, according to Chen, the ▓teacher-turned-counselor."The earthquake has left a giant boulder in everybody's heart. Some people are able to walk past it, while others remain stuck behind it," she said.

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nority, with a popula▓tion of 143,500, finds 80 per cent of its inhabitants in t▓he Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture in the southwestern part ch covered about 130,000 square ▓kilometers.The twisted school building is now part o▓f the local earthquake museum. Every year, on May 11, Chen v▓isits the site on her own to "talk" to t▓he 5

rescued, I can perfectly understand what students who ha▓d similar experiences went through. I can conn▓ect with them and they trust me," said Chen, who had gained a bachelor's in ed

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ucational ▓psychology a few months before the earthquake struck.In 2009, when the new campus came into use, Chen, who once taught political education, became a full-time